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Snappy Sounds

Fun, fast phonics!


A simple and speedy systematic, synthetic phonics program, built by Australian educators, authors and speech pathologists to engage and excel all of your learners.

Snappy Sounds addresses your phonics needs with a straightforward kit of components designed to have you and your students decoding from Week 1. 

Deliver this key part of your literacy curriculum in an effective way through:

  • An explicit and snappy teaching routine that involves minimal preparation
  • An assessment check reveals exactly where students need further support
  • Engaging and modern decodable readers for students to apply and practice their learning
  • A mastery teaching sequence which dedicates a quarter of your lessons to consolidation and catch up, so that you can set the right pace for your students
Request a Snappy Sounds Sample Pack

Flexible purchasing options and implementation support available to meet your school’s unique needs. 

Preview our Decodable Readers

Snappy Sounds are 100% decodable quality texts. Each book practices sounds and letters taught during the week, and they don’t use “content words”. This means students have the knowledge and skills to read every book they are given.

Teaching Cards

Large-format cards to introduce new letters and sounds (and revise previously learned ones).

Look out for: Your “cheat sheet” for the lesson is on
the back - including a brief lesson overview, word lists,
captions and how to say the sound.

Teacher Resource Books

All the information you need on phonics and the series, as well as activity resources for every independent practice session.

Look out for: Activities cover reading as well as spelling, and opportunities for differentiation.

Online Toolkit

Your go-to place for some quick pre-lesson preparation. All of your resources organised for you around every teaching card, with handy tips too.

Look out for: Lesson videos introduce the new phoneme and grapheme for you with speech pathologists demonstrating how to say the sound.


Cards include letters and sounds as well as decodable words for blending practise in each lesson.

Look out for: Instructions for card games are also included for independent practice and small group work making these a great value, flexible resource.

Placemats & Posters

Bright, colourful reference tools for students to use throughout their school day.

Look out for: These are cumulative so students aren’t visually overwhelmed in their first terms of learning.


Check your students’ learning at the end of each level
to reveal any specific areas that they need more support

Look out for: Everything is organised in a file so you can keep all your assessments, trackers and papers together, and there are plenty of unseen texts for repeated assessments, and/or for extra reading practise.